How to Read: 7 Ways to Improve Your Reading Skills

Reading is an essential skill that opens up a world of knowledge, ideas, and imagination. However, reading is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone, and many struggle with improving their reading skills despite their best efforts. This article will outline seven practical ways to improve your reading skills and help you become a more skilled and confident reader.

Create a Step-by-Step Guide

The first step in improving your reading skills is to break the process of reading down into manageable steps. By doing so, you will be able to focus on each step individually, making it easier to improve your reading skills over time.

Some helpful tips include:

  • Choosing the right book for your interests and reading level
  • Finding a comfortable reading environment that suits your needs
  • Making time for reading every day

By following these tips, you can make reading enjoyable and a habit.

Share Personal Stories

Personal stories can be a great way for readers to relate to and learn from others’ experiences. Sharing your own experience learning to read or interviewing avid readers can offer valuable insights and tips for others who may be struggling with their reading abilities.

Some examples of successful reading strategies include:

  • Reading for enjoyment, rather than just academic purposes
  • Setting achievable reading goals for yourself
  • Creating a reading routine that works for you

Focus on a Specific Genre or Age Group

If you find it challenging to read, focusing on a specific genre or age group can help. Reading books in a genre that you are particularly interested in or for a particular age group can help you enjoy reading more, making it easier to become an avid reader.

Some popular genres for specific age groups include:

  • Historical fiction for adults
  • Graphic novels for children
  • Non-fiction books for young adults

Compare and Contrast Reading Strategies

There are many different approaches to reading, and different strategies work best for each person. Some people prefer a more in-depth reading approach, savoring every word and detail. In contrast, other readers may prefer speed-reading or skimming to get through texts more quickly.

Consider the pros and cons of each approach, taking into consideration research-backed evidence and personal anecdotes from yourself or others. Experiment with different strategies to find what works best for you.

Address Common Obstacles

Many individuals struggle to find the time or energy to read, despite recognizing the importance of reading. Identifying and overcoming common reading obstacles like these is essential to making reading a habit in your life.

Some practical solutions include:

  • Setting reading goals for yourself, like reading a certain number of pages a day
  • Identifying your optimal reading environment and time of day to read
  • Using technology like audiobooks, ebook readers or text-to-speech software to make reading more accessible

Create a Printable Reading List

Creating a list of must-read books is an excellent way to enrich the reading experience. Compile a list of books on a specific theme that you’re interested in or more broadly that everyone should read at some point in life. Accompany the list with short descriptions of the books to help readers decide what to read next. Encourage readers to print the list and take it with them to the library or bookstore.

Offer Reading-Related Activities

Reading can be easily integrated into other areas of life, like travel or cooking. Such activities make it more enjoyable. You can maintain reading journal, join a book club, or attend literary festivals. These activities help to share ideas and different perspectives with like-minded readers, offering chances to learn about diverse perspectives outside of your own.


Reading is a skill that requires patience, persistence, and practice. By applying these seven tips to improve your reading skills, you can take your reading skills to the next level and gain access to a world of knowledge and imagination.

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