For many taxpayers, paying for tax preparation can be a hassle. With the many options available, it can get difficult to decide which method will save the most money. In this article, we discuss different solutions to help taxpayers save, ensuring they can do their taxes for free.

Highlighting the Top Free Tax Preparation Programs

Some of the best options for getting free tax preparation include TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxAct. Taxpayers can usually get the process started by signing up and logging in to these websites, although additional verification may be necessary. For instance, taxpayers will be required to provide their Social Security number, income statements, and relevant tax documents. These programs generally work with multiple state tax situations and are designed to maximize deductions and minimize errors. It’s worth noting that some services may not be free, so be sure to check for any fees carefully.

Outlining the IRS Free File Program

The Free File program is a partnership between the IRS and tax preparation companies. It provides free tax filing software to taxpayers with a gross income of under $72,000 and can be accessed through the official IRS website. It offers multiple state tax forms and makes it easy to file and track returns. Some of the companies that participate in the program include H&R Block, TurboTax, and TaxAct. While this program is free, users will need to meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for the service.

Exploring Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Sites

VITA Sites are typically run by volunteers trained to help taxpayers with tax preparation. They also can help ensure that taxpayers can claim any credits they may be eligible for, including the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). These sites are usually available to taxpayers whose income falls below a certain threshold and are often geared towards senior citizens and those with limited English proficiency. People can find local VITA programs using the IRS website’s search tool.

Analyzing Free Tax Tools Available Online

Not all tax preparation tools are created equal, and some require a fee to get access to advanced features. However, some tax software can be very helpful. For example, provides a comprehensive suite of tax tools, including calculators, a W-4 withholding calculator, and a refund tracker. Credit Karma also has a tax preparation service that is free to users. It offers a variety of tax features, including a calculator to estimate your refund or payment.

Showing How to Qualify for Free Tax Preparation Services

The EITC is a program that provides tax credits to low-to-moderate-income households. However, taxpayers can only claim this credit if they meet specific criteria. To qualify for the EITC program, taxpayers must have earned income under a certain threshold and meet other requirements based on their eligibility status. There are also other programs available, like Low-Income Taxpayer Clinics (LITCs), which serve those who cannot afford or are not able to use the services provided by the VITA program. Taxpayers can find LITCs using the search tool on the IRS website.


Thankfully, taxpayers can find different ways to save money on tax preparation services. Programs such as TurboTax and H&R Block offer free tax preparation services to users, and tools like and Credit Karma offer reliable and free online tax preparation services. Furthermore, VITA Sites and LITCs offer assistance to lower-income families and provide services for elders and linguistically diverse populations. Along with using these resources, people can explore other opportunities to qualify for free tax preparation such as from the EITC program. By using the tips and advice mentioned in this article, taxpayers can prepare and file their taxes easily and without spending a cent.

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