If you’re considering joining a gym, one of the primary concerns is the membership fee. It’s important to understand what you’ll be paying for and whether it’s worth the cost. Planet Fitness is a popular gym with over 2000 locations across the United States. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Planet Fitness membership fees.

All You Need to Know About Planet Fitness Membership Fees

Planet Fitness offers two different membership options: the Basic and the Black Card. The Basic Membership requires a $10 monthly fee and includes access to cardio and strength equipment, free fitness training, and unlimited access to one location. On the other hand, Planet Fitness’s Black Card membership costs $22.99 per month and provides members with access to all locations nationwide, as well as additional benefits such as tanning, massage chairs, and the ability to bring a friend for free.

If you prefer to pay for a full year of membership upfront, Planet Fitness offers an annual fee of $199 for Black Card membership or $99 for Basic membership. There are also discounts available for certain individuals, such as employees of certain companies and their families, retirees, and active military personnel.

Is Planet Fitness Worth Your Money? A Comprehensive Review of Their Membership Fees

When trying to determine if Planet Fitness membership fees are worth the cost, it’s important to compare them to other gyms in your area. Planet Fitness’s fees are generally lower than those of other gyms, making it an affordable option for those on a budget. However, if you’re interested in specialized classes or equipment, you may want to consider a gym with higher fees that offers more options.

As for the benefits of each membership level, the Basic membership is a good option for those who only plan on using one location and don’t need additional amenities. However, if you want access to all Planet Fitness locations, the Black Card membership is a better choice. The added advantage of being able to bring a guest for free can also be a major perk.

What You Need to Consider Before Signing Up for a Planet Fitness Membership

Before signing up for a Planet Fitness membership, there are a few things to consider. One of the pros of Planet Fitness is its affordable membership fees and welcoming atmosphere. However, there are also some cons to keep in mind, such as potential overcrowding, lack of specialized equipment, and strict gym etiquette rules.

It’s important to note that Planet Fitness only accepts credit card payments for memberships, so make sure you have a valid credit card before signing up. Additionally, while Planet Fitness is welcoming to beginners, it may not be the best fit for advanced athletes or those interested in specialized workouts or equipment.

Planet Fitness Membership Fees: The Bragging Rights and the Savings That Come With Them

One of the bragging rights of being a Planet Fitness member is the fact that it’s an affordable gym with a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere. Additionally, Black Card members have access to extra amenities such as tanning and massage chairs. Planet Fitness also offers different discounts and perks for its members, including discounts on travel and entertainment, as well as points that can be redeemed for gym gear and other products.

If you want to save even more money on your Planet Fitness membership, there are ways to do so. For example, you can take advantage of employee discounts or sign up for a family plan that allows multiple people to share a membership.

Planet Fitness Membership Fees: How to Maximize Your Gym Experience

To get the most out of your Planet Fitness membership, it’s important to maximize your gym experience while staying within your budget. One way to do this is by creating a workout plan and sticking to it. You can also take advantage of free fitness training sessions offered by Planet Fitness trainers and try out different workout classes.

Another way to maximize your experience is by using the gym’s amenities, such as the tanning beds, massage chairs, and hydromassage beds. However, make sure to take note of the allotted usage times for these amenities and not overuse them. Finally, by setting attainable fitness goals, you can stay motivated and focused on your gym routine.


When considering gym membership fees, it’s important to understand what you’re paying for and whether it’s worth the cost. Planet Fitness offers affordable membership fees, two different membership levels with various benefits, and several discounts and perks. While there are pros and cons to this gym, it caters to those who are on a budget and want to focus on building a healthy lifestyle. By taking advantage of all this gym has to offer, you can get the most out of your Planet Fitness membership.

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