Arthritis in Fingers: How to Get Rid of It

Arthritis in fingers is a common condition that affects people of all ages. It is a condition that causes inflammation and stiffness in the joints of the fingers, making it difficult to perform daily tasks such as buttoning clothes or opening doors. While there is no cure for arthritis, there are a number of ways to manage arthritis symptoms in fingers. In this article, we will discuss various strategies that can help get rid of arthritis in fingers.

Adjusting Your Diet

One of the most effective ways to manage arthritis in fingers is by adjusting your diet. Certain foods can exacerbate inflammation, which can make arthritis symptoms worse. On the other hand, incorporating certain food groups into your diet can alleviate arthritis symptoms. For example, fish and nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. In contrast, processed and fried foods can exacerbate arthritis symptoms due to their high saturated and trans fat content.

Here is an example of a sample meal plan for a day:

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with blueberries and walnuts

Snack: Carrots and hummus

Lunch: Grilled salmon with brown rice and mixed green salad

Snack: Apple slices with almond butter

Dinner: Tofu stir-fry with vegetables and quinoa

Regular Exercise Routine

Regular exercise is essential for managing arthritis in fingers as it helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints, increase flexibility, and reduce inflammation. Low-impact exercises such as walking and swimming can be helpful for arthritis sufferers. Specific exercises and stretches for fingers, such as finger flexion and extension exercises, can also be incorporated into a regular exercise routine to alleviate arthritis symptoms.

Natural Remedies

Plant-based treatments for arthritis in fingers can be effective in reducing inflammation and pain. Supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin can help to build and repair cartilage. Herbs such as turmeric and ginger have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Essential oils, such as peppermint and eucalyptus, can be used topically for pain relief. It is important to note that natural remedies may not be effective for everyone, and precautions should be taken when using them.


For more severe cases, medication may be needed to manage arthritis symptoms in fingers. There are both prescription and over-the-counter medication options available. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be effective in reducing inflammation and pain. However, it is important to be aware of the possible side effects of the medication and to speak to a doctor before taking any medication.

Topical Treatments

Medicated creams, gels, and heating pads can provide temporary relief for arthritis symptoms in fingers. Applying heat to the affected joints can help to increase circulation and reduce stiffness. Medicated creams and gels can provide pain relief and reduce inflammation. However, it is important to follow the preparation and usage instructions carefully and to be aware of any safety considerations.

Lifestyle Modifications

Adapting everyday tasks to reduce stress on fingers can be helpful in managing arthritis symptoms. For example, using ergonomic devices and tools such as jar openers, or electric can openers can reduce strain on fingers. Wearing supportive gloves or braces can also help to reduce inflammation and pain. Practicing self-care, such as taking breaks and relaxing activities, can also be beneficial.

Surgical Options

In severe cases, surgical options may be needed to manage arthritis symptoms in fingers. Joint replacement surgery is a common surgical procedure in which the damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint. Other orthopedic treatments, such as fusion surgery, can also be effective in managing arthritis symptoms. It is important to discuss all surgical options with a doctor and to follow all post-surgery care instructions carefully.


In this article, we have discussed various strategies for managing arthritis in fingers. Adjusting your diet, regular exercise, natural remedies, medication, topical treatments, and lifestyle modifications can all be helpful in managing arthritis symptoms. Severe cases may require surgical options. It is important to seek medial assistance and to follow all instructions carefully. With the right combination of strategies, it is possible to effectively manage arthritis symptoms in fingers.

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