Sending money to friends and family can be a hassle. Between waiting for checks to clear and dealing with fees associated with services like PayPal, the process can be more complicated than it needs to be. That’s where Zelle comes in. Zelle is a person-to-person payment service that eliminates the hassle of paying someone back. Zelle connects you directly to your bank account, making it the easiest, fastest, and safest way to send money to someone. In this article, we’ll show you how to send money via Zelle, provide a step-by-step guide, compare it with other money transfer apps, and provide tips and tricks to make the process better.

Step-by-Step Guide

Before using Zelle, you’ll need to have a bank account. Once you have that, download the Zelle app and follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Zelle app. If you don’t have an account, select “Sign Up”.

Step 2: Verify your phone number via text or email. Enter the verification code provided.

Step 3: Add your bank account information. If your bank is a partner of Zelle, you can simply use your existing online banking login details. Otherwise, you will need to provide your bank account and routing number.

Step 4: Create a profile by adding your name, email address and optional profile photo. This allows your contacts to recognize you when you send them money.

Step 5: You’re ready to send and receive money! To send money, tap the “Send” button. Select a contact or add a new contact by entering the recipient’s email or phone number. Select the amount you want to send, add a memo if you like, and hit send.

Comparison with Other Money Transfer Apps

Zelle is unique in that it’s connected to your bank account and therefore more secure and less risky than some other payment methods. Some of the other popular peer-to-peer payment apps on the market include PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App. Each of these services has its own strengths and weaknesses, but there are a few key advantages that Zelle offers:

  • Fee-Free: Zelle doesn’t charge a fee for transactions.
  • Quick and Easy: Zelle connects directly to your bank account, meaning you don’t have to wait for funds to transfer or worry about creating a new account.
  • Safe and Secure: Because Zelle is built on top of existing bank accounts, funds are digitally transferred and secure.

Tips and Tricks

Although using Zelle is already straightforward, we have a few tips and tricks that can make the experience even better:

  • Before sending money, make sure you have the correct contact information. If you’re not sure, check with the recipient first.
  • Add a memo when sending money so the recipient knows what the transaction is for – this can be especially helpful if you’re splitting a bill between multiple people.
  • Set up push notifications in the app so you know when money has been sent or received. That way you can keep tabs on who owes you money and vice versa.
  • Use Zelle for recurring payments such as rent, utility bills and car payments. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay and can set up automatic payments.


Q: Is there a limit to the amount of money you can send using Zelle?

A: Yes, there are limits on how much money you can send – this varies depending on your bank. Most banks have a limit of $2,000-$5,000 per transaction and up to $10,000 per month.

Q: How long does it take for money to be received?

A: For most transactions, the recipient receives the funds immediately – as soon as you press the send button.

Q: Is Zelle safe?

A: Yes, Zelle is safe. Zelle is built on top of existing bank accounts and utilizes two-factor authentication. It’s a fast and secure way to send and receive money.

Q: Can I use Zelle for international money transfers?

A: No, Zelle is only available for transactions within the United States.

Zelle for Business

Zelle is a great choice for business owners who are looking for a faster, more efficient way to transfer funds. Key advantages include:

  • Lower Fees: Zelle doesn’t charge fees for sending or receiving money, so business owners can keep more of their profits.
  • Quick and Easy: With Zelle, business owners can send payments instantly, without having to worry about fees or wait times.
  • No Need for Cash: Because Zelle is connected to your bank account, you don’t need to carry around cash or checks.

Security and Safety

One of the biggest concerns with any payment app is security. Fortunately, Zelle is incredibly secure. When you send money, you’ll receive a confirmation that the transaction was successful. If you’re a recipient, you’ll receive money directly in your bank account. Zelle encrypts your information and uses two-factor authentication.

To ensure your safety, we recommend:

  • Use Zelle only to transfer funds to people you know and trust.
  • Double-check the recipient’s phone number or email address before sending money.
  • Use strong passwords and change them regularly.


Zelle is a great solution for anyone who needs an easier, faster, and safer way to send and receive money. Its connection to your bank account makes it a more secure option than many competitors, and with no fees and a quick and easy interface, it’s a competitive service across the board. We hope our step-by-step guide helps you to feel more comfortable using Zelle and that our tips and tricks enhance your experience. Let us know in the comments below any further tips you have, or if there are any FAQs that we have missed.

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