Free agency is always an exciting time in the National Football League (NFL). It’s a period when teams make significant transactions, and players switch teams in search of new opportunities. But when does Free Agency Start NFL 2023? That’s the question on many fans’ minds as they anticipate the upcoming season. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to the 2023 NFL free agency season. We’ll discuss key dates, players who are eligible, and teams with the most cap space. Additionally, we will examine the impact of the previous season and provide predictions for the upcoming season.

The Ultimate Guide to Free Agency in NFL – Start Date and More in 2023

In the NFL, free agency refers to a period when players’ contracts with their respective teams expire, and they are free to sign contracts with other teams. However, free agency works differently in the NFL than in other sports leagues. In the NFL, teams can use the franchise tag to retain their top players for at least one year. This means that if a player receives the franchise tag, the team must pay them the average of the top five players arranged by their position.

The significance of free agency in the NFL can’t be overstated. During this time, teams can acquire new talent and improve their current roster. A team’s success in free agency can lead to a significant improvement in their performance on the field. The teams that are the most successful in free agency tend to be the most successful overall.

Everything You Need to Know About the 2023 NFL Free Agency Season

The 2023 NFL free agency season is expected to take place in March, although the specific date has not yet been announced. Teams will have to make some critical decisions, including which players they are interested in and which ones they are willing to let go. Some players who will be eligible for free agency in 2023 include Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Baker Mayfield.

Teams with the most cap space for free agency in 2023 include the Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, and Detroit Lions. Each team has more than $60 million in cap space, giving them plenty of room to add top talent during free agency.

NFL Free Agency 2023 Starting Date Set: Here’s What to Know

The NFL has not yet announced the official starting date of free agency in 2023. However, in past years, free agency has started in the second week of March. It’s important to remember that the starting date can change based on several factors, including the collective bargaining agreement and the NFL Draft.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also had an impact on free agency in the NFL. In 2020, the pandemic forced the NFL to close team facilities, pushing back the start of free agency. Additionally, the pandemic could impact the league’s salary cap, which could affect how much teams are willing to spend in free agency.

Looking ahead to the 2023 NFL free agency market, it’s likely that teams will be looking for young stars who are up-and-coming. The salary cap could limit the number of players teams can sign, making each transaction more important than ever.

A Complete Overview of the 2023 NFL Free Agency Season

The top free agents to keep an eye on during the 2023 NFL free agency season include some of the league’s top players. Josh Allen, T.J. Watt, and Baker Mayfield are just a few of the players who will be available. Teams will likely be looking for players who can make an immediate impact on their roster.

Free agent decisions can also impact the NFL Draft. Suppose a team signs a top wide receiver during free agency. In that case, they may shift their focus away from drafting a wide receiver in the first round of the draft, opting for a player at a different position instead. Additionally, teams that lose key players during free agency may need to address those positions through the draft.

Free agency in the NFL differs from other sports leagues in several ways. Unlike the NBA and MLB, NFL teams can use the franchise tag to retain their top players, preventing them from hitting the free agency market. Additionally, the NFL has a hard salary cap, meaning that teams can’t exceed a set amount allocated to player salaries. This differs from the MLB, which has a luxury tax system instead of a hard cap.

The Countdown Begins: When Will the 2023 NFL Free Agency Season Begin?

The anticipation leading up to the start of free agency in the NFL is always high. Fans and analysts alike eagerly await news and rumors regarding player transactions. Staying updated on the latest news and rumors can help fans prepare for the upcoming season.

One of the best ways to stay informed is through social media. Following teams, players, and analysts on Twitter can provide real-time updates and insights into the free agency market. Additionally, staying tuned to sports news outlets like ESPN and NFL Network can provide in-depth analysis and expert opinions.


In conclusion, the 2023 NFL free agency season is expected to be an exciting one. With so much uncertainty surrounding the NFL due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s challenging to predict exactly how the free agency market will unfold. However, teams with cap space and a strategic approach are likely to be most successful in acquiring top talent. Keeping up with the latest news and rumors is essential for staying informed as free agency approaches. As the countdown to the 2023 NFL free agency season begins, fans and teams alike will prepare for the potential for significant change to their favorite franchises.

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