Skyrim’s marriage system is a big component of the game, allowing players to build relationships with companions and even marry them. However, one popular question among Skyrim fans is: Can you marry Serana? In this article, we will explore the boundaries of Skyrim’s marriage system to determine whether players can marry Serana, a unique and popular companion. This article serves as a guide for players looking to enter a romantic relationship with Serana while staying true to the game’s mechanics.

Breaking Down Skyrim’s Marriage System: Is Serana a Marriage Option?

In Skyrim, players can marry various non-playable characters (NPCs) who can become their companions and spouses. To marry an NPC, players must complete a series of tasks, including meeting specific requirements such as owning a home or wearing an Amulet of Mara. Skyrim’s marriage system comes with certain limitations; not all characters in the game are eligible for marriage.

When it comes to Serana, she is a unique character in Skyrim’s marriage system. As a vampire, Serana cannot be turned into a regular NPC follower until the Dawnguard questline is complete. Furthermore, Serana is not considered a “marriageable” NPC in the base game, leading to confusion among players about whether or not they can marry her.

Exploring the Boundaries of Skyrim’s Marriage Options: Serana Edition

The base game of Skyrim has limitations when it comes to marriage options. But, players who are willing to modify the game can use mods to gain new marriage options, including the possibility of marrying Serana.

However, even with the use of mods, Serana’s marriage eligibility is still limited in terms of gameplay mechanics. Players must make the choice to install a mod that allows for marriage with Serana, which may affect the overall game experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Marriage in Skyrim: Can You Marry Serana?

If you’re looking to marry Serana, it’s possible to do so with the use of mods. Here’s how:

First, complete Skyrim’s Dawnguard questline. This will allow Serana to become a regular follower and eligible for marriage with the use of mods.

Next, install a mod that enables marriage with Serana. Some popular options include the “Marriage Mod – To Have and to Hold,” and “Serana Dialogue Edit.” These mods include new dialogue options that allow players to progress a romantic relationship with Serana.

Once the mod is installed, players can initiate the dialogues to pursue a romantic relationship with Serana. To begin this process, start the “Chasing Echoes” quest in the Dawnguard questline and follow Serana to bring her home to Castle Volkihar. The dialogue options that follow will offer opportunities to flirt with Serana and nurture a romantic connection.

After progressing the relationship with Serana, players can propose through dialogue options and set up the wedding through the wedding outfit dialogue to move forward with the ceremony.

A Love Story for the Ages: How to Marry Serana in Skyrim

A romantic storyline with Serana unfolds throughout Skyrim’s Dawnguard questline. Key scenes that can help players to win Serana over include:

  • Rescuing Serana from Dimhollow Crypt
  • Travelling with Serana and discovering more about her character
  • Completing the “Touching the Sky” quest
  • Interacting with Serana when finding Auriel’s Bow and the Sunhallowed Elven Arrows

Serana is a complex character with both positive and negative traits. Players who choose to marry Serana gain the advantages such as her unique abilities and some lover bonuses in the game’s mechanics, while also experiencing disadvantages such as the fact that she is a vampire and can only enter player-owned homes with the installation of Dawnguard’s Hearthfire DLC.

The Controversy Surrounding Serana’s Marriage Eligibility in Skyrim

The question of whether Serana can be married in Skyrim has led to heated debates among fans. Some believe that Serana should remain unmarriageable due to her unique character as a vampire, while others argue that players should have the right to marry any NPC they choose.

Additionally, some fans have questioned whether the developers intentionally removed the option to marry Serana, wondering whether the decision to exclude her from the list of eligible marriage NPCs was an oversight or a deliberate design choice.

Is Serana Worth the Quest? The Pros and Cons of Marrying Skyrim’s Vampire Companion

Before committing to a marriage with Serana, players should weigh the pros and cons. The advantages of marrying Serana include:

  • Unique interaction and dynamic with your spouse
  • Special marriage-related dialogue unique to Serana’s character
  • Bonuses to the game’s mechanics

The disadvantages of marrying Serana include:

  • She is a vampire and can only enter player-owned homes with Hearthfire DLC installed
  • Serana might have some negative traits that you need to consider before committing


While Serana is technically not an eligible marriage candidate in Skyrim, installing mods gives players the chance to engage in a romantic relationship with her. However, players should consider the implications of the mods and the advantages and disadvantages of marrying Serana. Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to marry Serana rests with the player.

If marrying Serana is something you’re considering, though, we hope this guide has helped you better understand how to achieve it and the considerations of doing so.

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