Fast typing speed is your ability to type quickly and accurately. It is the number of words per minute (WPM) you can type without errors. Fast typing has numerous benefits, including improving your productivity, saving time, and enhancing your communication skills.

This article offers a comprehensive guide to how fast you can type and how to improve your typing speed.

How to Test Your Typing Speed and Improve Your Productivity

The first step in improving your typing speed is to know your current WPM by taking typing tests. There are two types of typing tests available: manual and online tests.

Manual tests require you to time yourself when typing a particular passage and counting the number of words you typed. In contrast, online tests are computer-based and provide your WPM results instantly, allowing you to track your progress over time.

To improve your typing speed and productivity, these tips and tricks might come in handy:

  • Take breaks at regular intervals to avoid fatigue and burnout.
  • Practice regularly to maintain your speed and accuracy.
  • Use online typing tools like TypingClub, 10FastFingers, and Keybr to keep you motivated while learning.

The Benefits of Being a Fast Typist and How to Get There

Maintaining a fast typing speed can benefit you in numerous ways, including:

  • Increased work productivity
  • Improved communication skills
  • Reduction in errors and reworks
  • Enhancement of writing skills

Steps to get faster typing speed:

  • Practice regularly
  • Use the right posture
  • Correct finger placement
  • Use typing software
  • Use online typing resources like YouTube tutorials and typing courses.

What Your Typing Speed Says About You and Your Work

A person’s typing speed can be indicative of their work ethic and capabilities. Employers may use typing speed as a criterion to judge a person’s suitability for a job role.

Fast typing can reflect positively on your work, especially if your duties require lots of typing or data entry. Therefore, practicing regularly will help maintain a high typing speed for work.

The Evolution of Typing Speed and Its Relevance in Today’s Digital Age

Typing speed has come a long way since Henry Mill’s first patent relating to typewriting devices in 1714. It has impacted technological advancements, leading to the development of the keyboard as we know it today.

Fast typing speed is still relevant in today’s fast-paced digital environment despite the advancements in voice recognition technology. It’s worth noting that even with voice typing, you may still need to use a keyboard to format documents, send professional emails, and input passwords.

From Pecking to Speed Typing: A Guide to Learning to Type Quickly

Learning the basics and continuously practicing is essential to obtain fast typing speed. Here are some tips to keep in mind when learning how to type quickly:

  • Use proper finger placement and posture
  • Reduce gaze time on the keyboard
  • Practice typing on a regular basis

Common mistakes to avoid when learning to type quickly:

  • Typing too fast without accuracy
  • Not using the right finger placement
  • Not practicing consistently


Fast typing speed is becoming increasingly essential in today’s fast-paced digital era. It is a valuable skill for anyone who wants to enhance their productivity, work, and communication skills. Taking time to practice and use online typing resources can significantly improve your speed and accuracy with a little effort.

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