Dimples are known to be cute and add a special charisma to one’s smile. They are considered as a distinguished feature that appears on cheeks when a person smiles. While some people are born with them, some spend their time wondering how to get them. In this article, we will explore various ways to get dimples naturally, with makeup, through piercings, surgery, and genetics, with the aim of helping you achieve your desired look.

Natural Ways to Get Dimples

The simplest answer to how to get dimples is to have them naturally. Genetics plays a significant role in the presence or absence of dimples. Dimples are created due to the indention in the muscles of the face, known as zygomaticus major. Some people are born without this facial feature. However, some natural ways can enhance the appearance of dimples by practicing exercises and massages, such as cheek sucking exercises, smiling with tongue placement, and massaging the cheek area to stimulate blood circulation. Daily practice of these exercises can help one achieve dimples naturally in a few weeks.

Makeup Tips to Create the Illusion of Dimples

For people curious about how to get dimples without surgery or effort, makeup can do wonders. This technique is useful for those who want to create the illusion of dimples for a short period. First, grab a matte brown eyeshadow and apply it on the area where you want your dimple to be. Then, take a small brush loaded with a highlighter color that complements your skin tone and apply it to the center of the area. Use the brush to blend it into the brown shadow, and this would create the illusion of your desired dimple.

Do Dimple Piercings Actually Work

The trend of piercing dimples has become popular in recent times. This method involves inserting a stud or ring under the skin to create a slight dent in the cheeks. This requires precisely inserting the object into the muscle, resulting in tears that heal and form dimples. However, like any other piercing procedure, there are risks involved. Among the risks are infections, swelling, scarring, and nerve damage. Therefore, always consult a professional before undergoing such a procedure to make sure that the procedure is safe for you.

Can Surgery Give You Dimples

Dimpleplasty procedure is a cosmetic surgery that creates permanent dimples on the cheeks. The surgery works by making an incision on either the inside or the outside of each cheek and stitching the skin to the deeper tissues, creating a dimple when a person smiles. The whole procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes per cheek under local anesthesia and requires minimal downtime. However, with every surgery comes potential risks, including infection, nerve damage, or visible scarring. A good balance to weigh the risks of surgery will be to discuss the recovery process and potential risks with your doctor before undergoing such a procedure.

Embracing Your Natural Smile

Some people’s faces do not allow dimples as a result of their genetic makeup. While having dimples appears desirable, other facial features have an equal role in defining our uniqueness. It is essential to note that everyone has a natural smile that is unique to them and must learn to accept and appreciate it. Instead of feeling pressured to have dimples or undergoing any of the methods mentioned above, embracing natural and authentic smiles will exude confidence and make one feel comfortable in their skin.

Celebrity Inspiration for Dimples

For those seeking fame and wondered without fail how to get dimples like celebrities, here is a list of celebrities with dimples that are much admired: Jennifer Garner, Miranda Kerr, Shah Rukh Khan, Mario Lopez, Ariana Grande, and Tom Cruise. The first step to achieving their look is by studying the specifics of their facial features and copying their fashion, clothing and makeup style.

Relationship Between Genetics and Dimples

Dimples are a result of a dominant gene inherited from either one or both parents in most cases. If both parents have dimples, it increases the chances of their child having them as well. Nonetheless, it is possible not to have dimples despite them being present in one’s parents, as this depends on the specific genes that are inherited. The absence of dimples in individuals also influences their natural beauty, and the lack of it does not reduce their unique and special charms in any way.


There is no one correct answer to how to get dimples. Individuals deserve to embrace their unique charm and feel comfortable in their skin. There are natural ways of achieving dimples and cosmetic options such as dimple piercings and surgeries. Makeup techniques can also create a temporary illusion of dimples, but they do not replace the real thing.

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