Have you ever wanted to access YouTube Premium’s exclusive content, skip video ads uninterrupted, and enjoy its other premium features, but did not want to commit to paying a monthly subscription fee? Luckily, there are several legitimate ways to get YouTube Premium for free. This article will discuss five ways to access YouTube Premium without having to spend a dime.

5 Legitimate Ways to Get YouTube Premium for Free

1. Get Free Trials and Student Discounts

Both new and previous YouTube Premium subscribers can take advantage of the free trial for several weeks. The trial gives you enough time to binge-watch all its exclusive content and try out its unique features. Moreover, college and university students can also access YouTube Premium at a discount by registering with their educational institution’s email address.

2. Bundle YouTube Premium with Other Subscriptions

You can also bundle YouTube Premium with other subscriptions such as Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and some telecommunication providers. The bundle provides a good way to get more value for your money, and you can access more content for a lower price.

3. Referral Codes

Another legitimate way to access YouTube Premium is through referrals. YouTube offers referral codes to its existing subscribers, which they can share with friends and family who have not subscribed before. The referral code offers the new subscriber a discount on their subscription, but it also rewards the referrer with a free month’s subscription.

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4. Browser Extensions and Ad-Blockers

If you do not want to subscribe to YouTube Premium, there are still ways to enjoy ad-free videos. Browser extensions and ad-blockers such as Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, and Nano Adblocker can block ads from appearing on YouTube, giving you uninterrupted video playback.

5. Using VPNs to Access YouTube Without Ads

Using a VPN is another way to watch YouTube videos without ads. A VPN will prevent ads from playing by disguising your location, so ad-targeting does not work effectively. However, it is worth noting that YouTube can detect when users are using a VPN and may require you to sign in again.

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6. APK Mirror Sites

Another way to access YouTube Premium is through third-party websites that offer APK mirrors. APK mirror sites archive and distribute the original APK (Android Application Package) files used by developers of Android apps. Some APK mirror sites offer Premium APKs that allow you to use YouTube Premium features for free.

7. Modded Versions of the YouTube App

Finally, there is also an unofficial method of accessing YouTube Premium without paying. Modded versions of the YouTube app offer all its premium features, including ad-free playback and offline video playback. Examples of these modded apps include YouTube Vanced and NewPipe.

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8. Earning Coins/Points by Watching Ads on Other Platforms

Another way to earn a YouTube Premium subscription is by watching ads on other platforms that convert into rewards. Apps like FeaturePoints, AppTrailers, and Swagbucks offer points or coins based on the number of videos watched. These points can be exchanged for a YouTube Premium subscription.

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9. Volunteer for YouTube Channels

Lastly, YouTube creators and channels offer unique and exclusive content to their volunteers. Volunteering, such as moderating chats or attending fan conventions, can give you access to premium content and merchandise.


In conclusion, there are several legitimate ways to access YouTube Premium without paying. You can use free trials, student discounts, referral codes, and bundle plans with other subscriptions. Using browser extensions, VPNs, APK mirror sites, modded versions of the YouTube app, or earning coins through watching videos can also give you access to YouTube premium content. Lastly, volunteering for YouTube creators and channels provides you access to exclusive content. Enjoy watching your favorite videos and content on YouTube without worrying about the cost.

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