In the world of Skyrim, the Dark Brotherhood is one of the most infamous factions. Composed of deadly assassins, they are shrouded in secrecy and mystery. For players looking to add an extra level of danger and excitement to their gameplay, joining the Dark Brotherhood is a must. This guide will outline everything you need to know to join the Brotherhood, as well as tips and advice for successfully navigating their recruitment process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Joining the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim

First things first – to join the Dark Brotherhood, players must have completed the Innocence Lost quest, which can be triggered by overhearing a conversation about Aventus Aretino in Windhelm.

After completing the quest, players will receive a mysterious note inviting them to a secluded location to begin their initiation into the Brotherhood. This note can be found by sleeping in any bed, whereupon a courier will deliver it to the player.

From there, players must travel to the location specified in the note and speak with Astrid. She will give the player a contract for an assassination task, which must be carried out in order to officially become a member of the Brotherhood.

Once the task is complete, players will be officially inducted into the Brotherhood and awarded the Shrouded Armor set as a token of their membership.

Insider Tips and Tricks for Successfully Navigating the Dark Brotherhood’s Recruitment Process

While joining the Dark Brotherhood is relatively straightforward, there are a number of pitfalls and mistakes players should be aware of. The most important thing to remember is that discretion is key – the Brotherhood operates in secrecy and betrayal is not taken lightly.

Players should also take advantage of the unique perks offered by the Brotherhood, such as the ability to hire contract kills and specialized assassination techniques like the Dark Brotherhood’s signature sneak attack. Additionally, the Shrouded Armor set awarded upon initiation is considered one of the best sets of armor in the game, making it a key asset for players looking to increase their defense.

A Comparison of the Benefits and Drawbacks of Joining the Dark Brotherhood vs. Other Prominent Factions in Skyrim

While the Dark Brotherhood offers a number of valuable benefits, it’s important to weigh these perks against those offered by other factions in Skyrim, such as the Thieves Guild and Companions. The Thieves Guild offers unique opportunities for stealth-based gameplay and provides access to several rare items, while the Companions offer powerful werewolf transformation abilities and a wealth of melee-centric combat options.

Ultimately, the choice of faction will depend on player style and preference, but the Dark Brotherhood’s unique assassination contracts and specialized techniques make it an appealing choice for many players.

An Analysis of the Moral Implications of Joining the Dark Brotherhood

While joining the Dark Brotherhood can be thrilling, it’s important to consider the ethical implications of working as an assassin. The Brotherhood’s story quests frequently confront players with difficult moral dilemmas, forcing them to weigh their personal values against the commands of the Brotherhood’s leaders.

For example, the quest “Mourning Never Comes” features a choice between assassinating a grieving woman or her suspicious and paranoid steward. Meanwhile, “The Silence Has Been Broken” forces players to choose between betraying a friend or betraying the Brotherhood.

These choices have lasting consequences and can significantly impact character development, making joining the Brotherhood a high-stakes decision.

The Unique Features of Being a Member of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim

Beyond the standard perks of joining a faction, the Dark Brotherhood offers a number of unique features and mechanics. The Brotherhood’s assassination contracts offer a challenging and exciting gameplay experience, while specialized assassination techniques like the sneak attack provide a new level of depth to combat.

In order to take full advantage of these features, players should ensure they have the necessary skills and equipment, such as high sneak, archery, and one-handed weapon proficiency. Additionally, investing in the Shadow Warrior perk can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the sneak attack technique.

A Review of the Dark Brotherhood’s Storyline and Role in Skyrim’s Narrative

As one of the more prominent factions in Skyrim, the Dark Brotherhood plays an important role in the game’s overall narrative. The faction interacts with a number of key characters, including members of the Thieves Guild and key political figures such as Emperor Titus Mede II.

The Brotherhood’s story questline is engaging and offers a significant amount of depth and lore, making it an appealing choice for players interested in immersing themselves in Skyrim’s world.

A Lighthearted Take on Joining the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim

Of course, joining the Dark Brotherhood doesn’t have to be all serious and heavy – the faction’s mischievous and irreverent nature provides ample opportunity for a bit of lighthearted fun. From stealing sweetrolls to pulling pranks on unsuspecting NPCs, joining the Brotherhood allows players to indulge their more playful side.


Joining the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim offers a unique and thrilling gameplay experience, but it should be approached with caution and care. By following this guide and utilizing the tips and tricks provided, players can safely and effectively navigate the recruitment process and begin their new life as an assassin in the Brotherhood. With its unique perks and engaging story questline, the Dark Brotherhood is a valuable addition to any player’s Skyrim experience.

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