Is Kahoot Free? A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Kahoot’s Pricing Model

As a teacher or student looking for an interactive and engaging way to learn online, you might be wondering if Kahoot is free. Kahoot is a popular game-based learning platform that offers a wide range of features to help people learn by creating and playing quizzes, surveys, and discussions. In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive guide to understanding Kahoot’s pricing model, its unique features, and how you can create fun quizzes using Kahoot without spending too much.

Is Kahoot Free?

One of the best things about Kahoot is that it’s free to use. You can sign up for a Kahoot account without needing to pay anything, and you can start creating and playing quizzes in just a few minutes. However, there are also paid plans available if you want to access more features and tools to improve your online learning experience.

Breakdown of the Features Available in Kahoot’s Free Plan

Kahoot’s free plan includes many essential features that make it an excellent online learning platform for teachers and students. You can create quizzes, surveys, and discussions on any topic and share them with your classmates or colleagues. Kahoot also allows you to customize your quizzes to suit your particular goals, including setting time limits, assigning points, and adding images and video.

Explanation of the Additional Features Available in the Paid Plans

Kahoot also offers different subscription plans that come with additional features. The basic Kahoot Plus plan, for example, lets you create private quizzes and surveys, access reports, and remove ads. Kahoot Pro, on the other hand, offers more advanced features like team collaboration, detailed analytics, and the ability to use your branding in your quizzes. Most importantly, all Kahoot subscriptions come with free access to millions of high-quality images, icons, and other multimedia files you can use in your quizzes to make them more engaging.

Kahoot vs Competitors: A Look at the Free Features That Make Kahoot Stand Out

Kahoot is not the only online learning platform out there, but it stands out for its unique approach to gamification and interactivity. Compared to other budget-friendly options like Google Forms or Quizlet, Kahoot offers a more comprehensive set of features that cater to a wide range of educational needs. Kahoot’s free plan also allows you to create unlimited quizzes and surveys and play them with an unlimited number of players, making it a more cost-effective and efficient option.

Explanation of the Unique Features That Make Kahoot Stand Out

Kahoot’s unique features include the ability to create games that are both fun and educational, allow players to compete against each other in real-time, and give feedback in the form of scores and rankings. Kahoot also has a massive library of pre-made quizzes on various topics, including STEM, languages, and history, making it easier for teachers and students to access high-quality content without having to create quizzes from scratch. Additionally, Kahoot provides integration with other learning tools like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams, making it a seamless addition to a teacher’s or student’s workflow.

5 Reasons Why Kahoot’s Free Plan is Perfect for Your Classroom

Kahoot has many benefits that make it an excellent option for teachers looking to engage their students. Using gamification techniques can increase student motivation, make learning more fun, and facilitate long-term memory retention. Kahoot provides a simple and effective way to evaluate students’ understanding of the material and provide immediate feedback. It’s also easy to use, even for educators who may not be tech-savvy. Finally, Kahoot’s free plan offers a cost-effective way to enhance classroom activities and prepare students for assessments while keeping them engaged and motivated.

How Kahoot Makes Money Despite Being Free For Users

You might be wondering how Kahoot makes money since its platform is free to use. Kahoot monetizes through a combination of branding, premium content, and advertising. Kahoot’s business subscription plans allow companies to use Kahoot to train their staff and help the platform grow. Additionally, Kahoot offers paid content that includes quizzes created by third-party providers, which allow students to access even more high-quality educational material. Finally, Kahoot features advertising in its free plan, but it’s unobtrusive and doesn’t affect the learning experience.

Creating Fun Kahoot Quizzes on a Budget: Tips to Make the Most of Kahoot’s Free Plan

Creating fun quizzes on Kahoot doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You can make the most of Kahoot’s free plan by using multimedia features like images, videos, and gifs to make your quizzes more engaging and interactive. You can also experiment with different question types, including multiple-choice, true or false, and open-ended. Finally, you can use Kahoot’s live mode to simulate a classroom game show environment where students can compete against each other and make learning more fun.


Kahoot is a fantastic online learning platform for teachers and students who want to make learning more engaging and interactive. Its unique features, including gamification techniques, real-time feedback, and massive content library, make it stand out among similar platforms. Kahoot’s pricing model, including its free plan and affordable subscription options, makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. Whether you’re a teacher looking to enhance classroom activities or a student looking to improve your skills, Kahoot is an excellent option that’s easy to use and cost-effective.

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