May is a month of new beginnings, fresh starts, and the perfect time to inject some energy into your classroom. Bulletin boards are a great way to add some color and personality to a learning space, and with the warmer weather settling in, it’s the perfect opportunity to have some fun with classroom decor. In this article, we will be exploring 20 creative May bulletin board ideas to bring your classroom to life.

20 Creative May Bulletin Board Ideas to Bring Your Classroom to Life!

1. Spring showers: Use bright blue paper to cover your bulletin board and add cut-out clouds with raindrops. Fill the raindrops with student writing prompts.

2. Cinco de Mayo: Celebrate this Mexican holiday with paper flowers, a piƱata, and a few houseplants.

3. Mother’s Day: Make a bulletin board highlighting all the things your students love about their moms. Include student artwork and crafts.

4. Spring sports: Use astroturf paper to make a sports field as a background, and add cut-out soccer, baseball, and/or basketballs.

5. End of year countdown: Make a big countdown clock with bright colored numbers to get students excited about the end of the school year.

6. May the 4th: Celebrate Star Wars day with cut-out characters and Galactic-themed decorations.

7. Memorial Day: Create a patriotic board using red, white, and blue accents and add the Pledge of Allegiance or other patriotic quotes.

8. Garden of learning: Turn your bulletin board into a 3D garden with paper flowers and student-made insects.

9. Maypole: Use paper streamers or ribbons to make a mini Maypole, complete with dancing cut-out characters.

10. Beachfront property: Get your students ready for summer with a beach-themed bulletin board, complete with paper umbrellas and palm trees.

11. Robot factory: Cover your board in silver paper and add bright colored robot cut-outs.

12. May flowers: Use real or paper flowers of different shapes and colors to make a beautiful display.

13. The great outdoors: Bring in nature by printing out pictures of different environments and animals and adding them to your board with real tree branches.

14. Graduation: Celebrate the end of the school year with graduation hats and student awards.

15. Imagination station: Use bright, contrasting colors and cloud cut-outs to make a bulletin board that encourages students to dream big.

16. Summer reading: Fill your board with reading recommendations for summer and a display of popular books.

17. Superheroes: Add cut-outs of superhero characters and bright colors to create a heroic display.

18. Turtle Power: Celebrate World Turtle Day (May 23rd) with cut-out turtles and a fun ocean-themed display.

19. Get growing: Teach students about plants and growing things with a “little green” display and various science projects.

20. Spring cleaning: Get your students to do some spring cleaning by organizing their book nooks and workstations. Use a poster to track progress.

“May Flowers: Bulletin Board Ideas to Celebrate Spring!”

Springtime is all about the flowers, and the best way to celebrate them is to incorporate them into your May bulletin boards. Adding flowers to your decoration scheme can be done in a variety of ways that complement your classroom decor.

Start by covering your bulletin board in green, blue, or pink construction paper, and then add a variety of felt, paper, or sticker flowers of varying sizes and colors.

Here are some more ideas:

– 3D flowers: make paper flowers that stand out from the board and add some dimension.
– The Garden: have students draw and create their own flowers with accompanying descriptions.
– Garden pots: make mini bulletin boards in the shape of flower pots and have students write about their favorite flowers.
– Flower crowns: make paper flower crowns and take pictures of your students wearing them to display on the board.

“Colorful May Bulletin Boards to Bring Joy to Your School”

“Colorful May Bulletin Boards to Bring Joy to Your School”

It’s important to add color and vibrancy to your learning space, and May is the perfect time to do so. Instead of just one color, incorporate a rainbow of colors for an extra splash of joy.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

– Rainbow: use a rainbow shape or create your own with colorful construction paper cut into strips.
– Color wheel: create different sections for each color of the spectrum, like an art lesson come to life.
– Bright and bold: use bright colors and bold shapes to create a bold display.
– Butterfly garden: create a display of paper butterflies and garden flowers in shades of pink, purple, yellow, and green.
– Confetti: cut up colorful paper or use leftover scraps to create a confetti background.

“Get Ready for Summer with These May Bulletin Board Ideas”

“Get Ready for Summer with These May Bulletin Board Ideas”

As the school year winds down, getting ready for summer is an exciting prospect. Use this theme to inspire your May classroom decor. Here are some bulletin board ideas for summer:

– The beach: create a beach scene with sand, umbrellas, and a cool sea breeze.
– Outdoor activities: showcase fun pictures of activities that can be done outside during summer.
– Road trip ready: create a bulletin board filled with cute travel-related quotes, ideas, and photos to inspire summer vacation planning.
– Summer reading: promote summer reading by creating a book display with the theme of summertime, bright colors and fun fonts.
– Ice cream social: celebrate the end of the school year with an ice cream party, complete with bright colored cut-outs of ice cream sundae toppings.

“May the Fourth Be With You: Star Wars Themed Bulletin Board Ideas”

May 4th is known as Star Wars Day and is celebrated worldwide by Star Wars fans (May the Fourth be with you! get it?). Honor this fandom in your classroom by creating a bulletin board with Star Wars elements. Use the images and quotes from the franchise for an exciting and memorable decoration.

Here are some bulletin board ideas:

– Intergalactic heroes: use Star Wars Lego figures and other toys in a Star Wars inspired bulletin board showcasing your students’ writing examples.
– Light or Darkness: Recreate the light saber duel scene in a crafty and artistic way.
– May the 4th be with you: in simple black letters, write this classic quote and surround it with fan-made decorations.
– Create a Star Wars timeline: highlight the eras of the franchise and showcase the memorable quotes from the movies.
– Create your own concept art: Make a competition and display winning student art on your bulletin board as your own concept art for a fictional Star Wars sequel.

“Celebrate Memorial Day with These Patriotic May Bulletin Board Ideas”

“Celebrate Memorial Day with These Patriotic May Bulletin Board Ideas”

Memorial Day is a significant holiday and shouldn’t go by unacknowledged in classrooms. Celebrate patriotism and honor those who served with a patriotic-themed bulletin board.

Here are a few ideas:

– United We Stand: write inspirational quotes on a star-shaped background with an American flag as the centerpiece.
– Stars and Stripes: Cover the bulletin board in red, white, and blue streamers then add a border of paper cutouts of stars.
– The Color Guard: Make a salute to the military by showcasing all branches of the armed forces in paper form.
– Veterans are Heroes: display pictures, poems, songs, and thoughts to thank veterans and honor their service to our country.
– Patriotic Pledge: Create a pledge poster and let your students make their own stars and stripes to stick around the bulletin board.


Teachers should put in effort to make their classroom an engaging and creative learning environment. With these bulletin board ideas, students can be excited and interested in the lessons and activities going on around them. We hope that these creative May bulletin board ideas help you throw open your classroom’s doors and transport your students to the world of possibilities that come with learning.

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